Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Medicine Problems

So last Wednesday (July 30, 2014) I had an appointment to renew my assistance benefits and medical card. The letter I got from the office 3 business days prior said my worker would call between 8 and 8:30 am on 8/30/14. I called down  on 8/25/14 (a Friday) and left a voice mail, stating I was supposed to be working at that time (home health) and could not keep that appointment.  I also re-stated that because of my speech issues I needed an appointment in the office where I could write down my responses if needed.

Trust me  since this Bells began I have told this worker each time I must re-certify every 6 months that I need an in house appointment, my request is ignored always.  Yes so we run into this problem often,

On July 28 I wound up in the walk in clinic with a bad rash. It turned out to be singles. Ughh. I also left a message with my primary doctor’s secretary to ask my doctor to refill my tramadol prescription,  Anyways I got my prescription for shingles with no problem and went home to begin my course.  I was still waiting for my case manager to return my call and reschedule that re-cirt appointment.

On July 30, I work from 8 am until noon as usual. When I was done with the work day, I checked my phone and seen the case worker called. I returned her call and when I got home I napped as usual.  Since I was out of the tramadol by this time I took a gabapentin and went to sleep.,

On July 31, I worked the five hours as scheduled and kept checking my phone for a message from my worker. Since I am on my gabapentin during the day as I can tolerate it, it is going quicker than usual.
On Friday August 1, I  give the case worker another call, leaving my name, number and ss#.  She does not return my call.

On Monday, August 4 I walk up to the hospital to refill the gabapentin which is now out as well. I ask if my tramadol prescription is done yet. I learn from the tech it has not been sent over, so I ask her to fill the gaba and head back over to my doctor’s to ask about the tramadol.

I am informed by his secretary that  my doctor refuses to fill the tramadol as its meant to be a one time thing. I told her, but I have been on this medicine for 15 months now.  I know its not her fault and told her I would discuss it with him at my next appointment which was the following day.

I then went back over to get my gabapentin and am informed that my insurance is not working. I am like wtf, but remain calm to the pharmacy tech as its not her fault.  I called my case manager once more and got her voice mail. I passed the phone to my son and told him to leave a massage.

That afternoon we get a snail mail from said case manager who informs me I got until 8/14 to call her and do a phone interview or she will close my case.

Its now been 2 days since my son called and the worker still has not returned our call.  Today after I get off work my plan is to call the worker and if I get her dang voice mail, I am calling her supervisor. Then I am walking up a mile to fax a summary of these calls and this problem to my worker and her supervisor.

   I am off all medicines now and have been since Sunday.  Let me tell you never pain hurts like a mother--  Bells Palsy sucks the big one but with doctors who will not listen and a case manager who does not listen or return calls it sucks even more.

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