Sunday, July 6, 2014

MY Bells Palsy Case

My Bells Palsy began on May 12, 2013, and this severe case has stuck with me like a bad penny. Its fourteen months later and it’s still hanging with me and my doctors say it will always be there until my days here on earth come to an end.  On this blog I will talk about my journey and you can look back weekly for a new entry.

Bells Palsy hits the facial nerve and when this nerve is damaged the facial muscles do not move. Your nerves tell the muscles to move no matter where the nerve is within the body. When the facial nerve is damaged the muscles in your face don’t work as they should.

You would not think a damaged nerve would do so much damage but it does and in all the cases of Bells the facial muscles become paralyzed. The extent of damage determines the extent of parts paralyzed.

The entire left side of my face from my forehead down my throat and from the left nostril to my left ear is all involved.  After fourteen months I am 60-65 percent back. Some parts of that facial nerve will not heal, therefore I am left with lasting damage.

I can deal with my lopsided smirk, my non-winking, blinking eye, and an ear which hurts without much problem. The thing that bothers me most is the reason George came into my life.  My soft pallet is involved, and that is a very important part of your body.  Next post I’ll tell you about the soft pallet and George.  

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